August 31, 2023|

N-and Group, global leader specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of touchscreens, human machine interfaces, software platforms and embedded solutions, today expands its portfolio of NViPi Platform by introducing to the market its new Single Board Computer (SBC) NViPi3568RK. Based on the Rockchip RK3568 processor, the NViPi3568RK has been designed to enable integrators to reduce the time to market for several IOT applications like automatic retail, digital signage and any interactive kiosks.

The Rockchip RK3568 chip is a high-range general-purpose SoC, made in 22nm process technology, integrated 4-core ARM architecture A55 processor and Mali G52 2EE graphics processor, supporting 4K decoding and 1080P encoding. RK3568 supports various peripheral interfaces such as SATA/PCIE/USB3.0, it has a built-in independent NPU, and can be used for lightweight AI applications. RK3568 supports both Android 11 and Linux systems.

The NViPi3568RK provides LVDS (dual 8-bit), MIPI, EDP, HD Display output; 4 USB interfaces, 1 OTG, 4 GPIO, to support USB touch screen, fingerprint module, camera, RFID card reader, barcode scanner, mobile hard disk and other external expansion devices. It integrates a gigabit network port, 2.4G/5G WiFi and an Optional 4G/LTE wireless network to adapt to a variety of network environment.

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