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N-and Group has started to develop and deploy a range of computer on modules (COM) to offer its embedded customers a flexible and scalable platform while meeting their specification and budget requirement. We have opted for a business-card-sized Computer on Module based on the SMARC® 2.1 standard, the fastest growing product line in today’s embedded COM market.

The 314-pin edge connector provides low-level interfaces, such as I2C, I2S, UART, CAN, SPI, GPI and supports complex I/O including LVDS, HDMI, DP, eDP, GbE, USB 3.x, PCIe, and SATA.

Our powerful computer on modules combines the SMARC® 2.1 standard with the Intel Atom® E-Series. The first processors to be launched are E3950 and 6413E. Our design enables digital transformation for high power solutions and addresses the ever-increasing performance demands for AI based embedded applications.

Thanks to the enhanced graphics performance of the processor, the new module can support three independent displays with a resolution of up to 4K.

The module seamlessly integrates with our recently launched Smarc 2.1 Carrier Board. The combination of the two provides a ready-to-use platform for many applications, accelerating the development time to market.

For more detailed information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated Sales Team.

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