N-touch HMIs seamlessly integrate computing, display, and software technologies and play a crucial role as a key component in embedded systems for various industries such as vending, fitness, retail and transportation and much more. By facilitating seamless communication and interaction between humans and machines, they enable efficient control and monitoring of complex processes.

Whether you need individual components
or a complete end-to-end solution, we streamline development, ensuring faster time-to-market and superior product performance.


From design to production, we cater to your unique needs, ensuring precision and quality in every step. With a relentless commitment to innovation, we transform ideas into stunning visual realities, setting new standards in display technology.

N-touch modules offer an optimal solution for businesses seeking to improve operational efficiency through a user-friendly and intuitive touchscreens.
These modules boast a contemporary design and sturdy construction, featuring tempered vandal-proof safety glass, and even Gorilla Glass™, and utilize cutting-edge technologies such as Intel® processors, support for Windows and Linux OS, and rapid connectivity.

We provide flexible pre-configured display assemblies tailored to meet common display needs, allowing for swift product development. Additionally, we offer customization services to cater to specific requirements.

Cross product features

  • Integration of touch functionality for resistive,
capacitive and projected capacitive technologies
  • Tempered vandal-proof Safety-Glass or even Gorilla Glass
  • Modern and robust design
  • Projective-capacitive touch panel
  • Hi-resolution display for industrial
and commercial applications
  • Safety or Gorilla Glass™
  • Intel® processors
  • Windows and Linux OS supported
  • Fast connectivity through 4G/LTE, LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • International standards compliance